AUGUST 31, 2004

HELLS YEAH!!!! The "Savage Animals" EP is now finished and due for pressing, to be available at any moment!!

We now also have a Paypal account under, so you can buy our merch with ease.

Also, two shows coming up: Thursday, Sept 2, Trash Bar, Williamsburg, and Saturday, Sept 11, Bowery Poetry Club, Manhattan. We go on at midnight, both shows.

Ladies (and rockers), don't stay at home, watching porn, drinking alone, and crying yourself to sleep. Come rock the fucking house down with GORO!

JUNE 23, 2004

Check out the new show dates!! GORO will be playing TOMORROW at Continental. PLUS!! We are now giving out a free single from the new upcoming EP "Savage Animal"! To get yours come to the show at Continental tomorrow, or simply stop in at Search and Destroy on St. Mark's Place. See you there!!!

MARCH 31, 2004

Welcome to the new and improved official online home of GORO!!! Last Samurais of Rock 'n' Roll!!! It is still under construction, and there is much much more to come!!

GORO has had an explosive 2004 so far, recently playing with former Guns 'n' Roses members Dizzy Reed and Richard Fortus at Don Hill's, as well as Felicia Collins of Late Night Band fame and her band The Life over at the Pussycat Lounge. Do not miss our next show at Continental.

Also, don't forget to stop in and sign the guestbook, sign up for the mailing list, and importantly, don't forget to snap up a classic Goro T-shirt! They're goin' fast!! Come see us and at the shows we'll throw in the "Slavemaster" EP for free with the purchase of a shirt.

Take the time also to visit frontman Goro's personal page at GORO: Legend of Rock 'n' Roll from Japan!!