The legend of GORO began as a three-piece called DENGEKI, featuring bassist Masaki Yamada (ex. LOUDNESS), drummer Cha Cha Banban, and of course, frontman Goro.

The band changed their name to GORO, upon Cha Cha's departure from the band. Along with many other venues, they began to play regularly at the legendary Castle Heights rock club in Queens, with drummer John Magliano. They soon amassed a huge following, but it seemed that GORO was to be a shortlived phenomenon, as Masaki also departed from the band.

Goro himself was not to let it end there, however. Mere months later, in October 2002, GORO's invasion was back full force, as Goro unleashed his new lineup on an unsuspecting New York: guitarist Sussy (ex. SEX MACHINEGUNS), bassist Reo, and drummer Dai.

In May 2003 the bass was passed off to the incredible Yoshi, and in November 2003 Sussy returned to Japan, to be replaced by Mr. T, formerly of the SPUNKS.

...And the rest is soon to be history, bitch.